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Your wellness matters and I am here to support you.
"With the right help, you can be well"-Postpartum Support International

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Perinatal Mental Health

Supporting women during prenatal, pregnancy, & postpartum stages:

I hear and witness too often, women, men, & couples suffering in silence pre and post pregnancy, due to fear of upsetting or disappointing others, including family members, church leaders, friends, partner, spouse, and other children already in the household, and/or they are faced with unprocessed childhood trauma of their own. 

I specialize in helping women & couples foster hope, self-compassion, resiliency, and courage by creating a safe space to share openly and honesty, about what they are experiencing during this tender timeYour birth story matters and everything that comes before and after itYour experiences has merit.

Together we will:

- Prioritize your wellness

- Create a plan for self-compassion

- Gather accurate information regarding any symptoms- so you can start experiencing relief 

- Explore and process any uncomfortable thoughts-with care, acceptance, and safety

- Piece together the life you want to have moving forward as an individual and/or couple

- Acknowledge changes in your relationship(s) with others, including yourself

- Validate inner strength(s)

- Find ways to regain/redefine your sense of identity as a new mother, working mother, partner, parent, couple, or grieving mother & father 

- Nurture any loss and take time to grief what is missing or different

Common Areas:

Perinatal Anxiety, Postpartum Depression (Women & Men), 

Intrusive Thoughts, Miscarriage, Breastfeeding Challenges, Abortion, Motherhood, Baby Blues, Relationship Difficulty, Co-parenting, Sibling Adjustments, Past Childhood Trauma, PTSD, Postpartum Care Plan, Parenting, Bonding/Attachment Difficulties, Co-Parenting 

Young Adult Women (18-30)

Supporting young women through major life transitions:

Most individuals who are emerging adults are also facing major life transitions. New changes can bring about new ways of adapting/coping with life. Some may experience the need to change or reflect on their values, needs, and desires. It's at this stage, many are experiencing independence away from their family, culture, and traditions

It's common for many young adults to face recurring patterns or memories that have emerge from past events and are causing interruptions to everyday living.

Together we will:

- Explore/discover your truths and identify your needs

- Process the meaning of the type of lifestyle you want to live by

- Find relief from any symptoms that are causing stress, distraction, and irritability

- Learn how to cope with major shifts without feeling like you are losing yourself or identity

- Gently, explore and understand unconscious patterns that may be blocking your growth

- Unlock your needs with curiosity, awareness, and gain greater insight

- Stress-management

- Acknowledge any cultural impact/beliefs

Common Areas:

Anxiety, Adulting, Relationship Difficulties, Newlywed, College Student, High-Functioning Working Adult, Career Exploration, Family Illness, Meaning of Life, Depression, Childhood Trauma, Generational Trauma, Grief, & Co-Dependency

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